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Travel planner mash-up from Yahoo!

Yahoo! UK & Ireland has launched Trip Planner, an online application which combines social media products to create an interactive travel resource. Trip Planner is a tool on Yahoo! Travel that lets you save hotels, attractions, restaurants, maps and more to a customized travel guide. You can add travel dates, your own comments, even bookmarks for other sites to your trip. Once you’ve created your trip, you can print a copy to bring with you, or access it from any computer with Internet access.

The application combines social search products such as Flickr, Yahoo! Travel Guides and Yahoo! Maps and enables users to create personalised travel guides.

Trip Planner will sit within the Yahoo Travel portal, which attracts 1.1m users each month across the UK & Ireland, according to ComScore.

Tim Frankcom, general manager of Yahoo! Travel & Shopping Europe, said: “People are no longer limited to just booking tickets online, and by incorporating interactive and social media elements, we’re creating one of the most useful and dynamic travel resources available.”

“Just as other Yahoo! social search products like Flickr, Yahoo! Answers,, and MyWeb have created a platform for sharing information between users, Trip Planner is about offering a way for travellers to benefit from sharing their travel experiences.”

[Via NMA]

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