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Worlds Biggest Bank Job!


Is it just me or is the current world financial mess, resemble nothing more than the worlds biggest ever “Bank Robbery”!

We have all seen the film the “Italian job” and even read/remember the “Great Train Robbery” but all of these crimes both fictional and real pale into insignificance with one that is being played out today!

One of these is based on fiction and the other carried out by small time criminals who basically either spent a lot of time in prisoner or died without getting the chance to spend their ill gotten gains (not that I condone this type of thing).

A bit of a flip side from what we have witnessed over the past 20+ years where market economics and capitalism seem to have gone a little over the top!

Surely something/bodies need to be questioned and held up for this mess! In the case of the later the arrested individuals received lengthy sentences to make an example of their audacious crime…

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days especially since the US bailout seems to have failed at the moment.

Wall Street Crash

It was 1929 when Wall Street last experienced times similar to what we are witnessing now; but they did not have anything like the complex technology and so called accountancy standards that we have today.

So either something is a little rotten or maybe accountants/bankers can’t count after all!


Will we witness a change in our society?

Not sure but a slight re-adjustment could not hurt and perhaps we all could start to utilise the facilities we have at our disposal (technology-health care- education)  for the benefit of all instead of a select few.

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