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What will this Christmas’ Hot Present be… Bike or Dino?

I know it’s really early and we are just starting to experience Summer Time…

But I keep seeing various things pop up online and some do seem to be edging themselves forward for the #1 in Santa’s Sledge….

August 8, 2007 BMW has released the Cruise Bike Junior – a new bicycle designed for five to eight year-olds that introduces riding (and the BMW brand) to children on a machine that is reliable, sturdily built, and ergonomically sound. The Cruise Bike Junior has excellent safety credentials including child-friendly pedals with inbuilt LEDs, brake cables integrated into the frame for an unencumbered, sleek look, plus a three-brake system for plenty of stopping power.

PSFK Article about BMX

And then comes along the Plebo an retro evolution of Sony’s Abo without the price tag this little robot is surely to be a big hit this Christmas..


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