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Waterless Car Wash… The Eco Way to Wash Your Car…


Green Earth have come up with a product to allow for waterless car washing, the all-in-one spray washes, polishes and protects the car without the use of water.

Of course, intense care for the environment could be accomplished by never washing your car or never owning one in the first place.

Green Earth Waterless Car Wash does more than just clean and shine your car, it brings out the brilliant colors in your paint, protect it from the elements and keep it cleaner for longer period of time. Use our waterless car wash almost anywhere, anytime as long as the paint surface is not excessively soiled, muddy or caked with sand. Our products are water-based, natural and ECOSafe. You can use them on a wet or dry surface. Buy a bottle today. We have a 100% money back guarantee…

One reply on “Waterless Car Wash… The Eco Way to Wash Your Car…”

Love the Green Earth concept and all the publicity they are getting,,, Turning adversity into positive commerce.

Waterless car washes are highly effective today with an increasing popularity leading to increased research and supply.

The question remains, which waterless car wash is the best? Ask yourself, if they are all saving large amounts of water and are great for the environment, the next question would have to be, which is the best for my car and the most user friendly.

Some Waterless car washes are actually wash and wax in one, and others require separate applications, which in the eyes of someone trying to conserve time and energy, this may seem counterproductive. But the wax adds valued protection and a deeper shine. Ensure that it is a carnauba wax, though.

Does the product have to be mixed, shaken, pumped- if so, it is a 2 (or more) part mixture that looses its consistency as it sits for a period of time,,,

Is it in a pump bottle, poured, or aerosol, I personally prefer the consistent delivery of a quality aerosol.
For more info on waterless wash and waxes, for tips and tricks and the most efficient methods, visit

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