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Uri Geller Loses YouTube Copyright Claim…

This video starring the Amazing Randi and psychic celebrity Uri Geller – the man who got rich “bending spoons with his mind” – shows that he may not be the great psychic we all thought he was. Then again if he was really good you would have thought he would have seen it coming along with the evangelist Peter Popoff who features later in the video; you think somebody higher maybe would have let him know.

Basically Uri tried to sue the poster on You Tube so the Electronic Frontier Foundation decided to defend him and counter sue Geller and guess what they won.

The EFF has really made Geller look bad here: not only has he been forced to withdraw, but they made him license the clip in question as non-commercial Creative Commons to boot, so as to freely aid the efforts of other skeptics.

Here is another Psychic ( I love the Kung Fu oufit) outed by Randi and look who is back 20 years after being outed by Randi (Miracle Spring Water? now where did I put my Reverend Certificate and tickets to the USA) and just to finish its not only the Americans here is a UK medium Maureen Flynn (Is there anybody here with the name Smith 🙂 ) …

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