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Up Up & Away! Balloonacy – Orange Balloon Race Across the Web…


You may have been wondering what the small floating orange coloured creatures at the bottom of this any many other websites you are visiting lately are well a little click should give you more insight but if you are a little nervous then perhaps this will make it more clear :-

Orange, is set to launch the worlds first Internet balloon race, designed by Poke and i-level, as part of their Orange Animals Pay As You Go marketing campaign. The race runs for 7 days, from June 23 to June 30, with a grand prize of a luxury trip to the island of Ibiza.

Brand Republic also gives an explaination :-

“Contestants all begin from the same starting point, the Balloon Race home page. Entrants then race their balloons across a series of sites, boosting their balloon as they go along to make it travel faster. Players will be able to choose their own Orange animal balloon, which is powered by user-friendly controls that pop-up on screen, tracking their balloon as the race progresses.”

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