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UK Goverment Calls for Online Content to be Strictly Monitored…


Well I have just noticed this article which states that a Government committee is calling for tighter online content regulations, it seems to me that all they want to do is control what we see and do online. Which totally goes against the nature of the internet and the benefits it brings in providing a more open arena for people to communicate and share information.

Maybe that’s the reason for the planned regulation?

For many years we have been feed our media in a “Read Only” format i.e. what the Newspapers, TV & Radio powers that be want us to see & hear.

With the internet we have been given a tool in which a “Read Write” culture can evolve so that news or information that we may not have heard before can be spread freely to a wider audience. I realise that not everything online is right but this can be avoided and the benefits in my opinion over whelm the negatives.

Surely this will die a death and the internet will be allowed to grow and evolve into the most powerful form of media distribution since the printing press. Just think what a senseless regulation like this will have on user generated sources of knowledge like wikipedia etc.

Sorry the whole thing stinks of Big Brother and politicians who don’t have a clue about progress…


“LONDON – A Government report has called for online content to be strictly monitored by companies in a move that could effect brands that market themselves using consumer generated content.

The House of Commons committee on culture, media and sport said a body should be set up to police user-submitted content because companies’ own regulation was “unsatisfactory”.

The committee wants to force companies to take control of the content they publish. Brands such as YouTube, and rely on high volumes of user generated videos and reviews. This has become a key part of their direct marketing strategy.

Google told the committee that its video subsidiary YouTube received 10 hours of video material for posting every minute.”

More of the article here (you may have to register)

Check out this video from Larry Lessig he has some very interesting insights as to how the Law (Goverment) can try and stop creativity…

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