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Travel Sites Draw in the Crowds…

Here is a soundbite from a press release from the Comscore web measurement service which has some interesting news for, First Choice and Cheapflights.

The trio are amongst a list of the top ten UK web brands showing the strongest growth in July.

The top ten are as follows, showing monthly uniques and the shift on July 2006:

Odeon 2,618 (up 49%) – 5,172 (up 30%)
Facebook – 7,604 (up 26%) Well, derrr
Cheapflights – 2,801 (up 22%)
Disney Online – 3,190 (up 22%)
First Choice Holidays – 3,592 (up 19%) – 4,753 (up 19%)
Next Group – 3,851 (up 18%)
Dixons Stores Group – 4,712 (up 17%)
WordPress 2,716 (up 16%)

Bob Ivins, executive vice president at Comscore, says this:

“The success of travel and holiday sites mirrors the seasonal trends in the offline world, with July being a popular month for holiday, retail and entertainment sites. However, with the weather in the UK being so poor this summer it’s clear that – for domestic recreation activities at least – people have been surfing the Internet for indoor entertainment, hence the growth in traffic to cinema site”

Would this have been the case a few years ago? Probably not. The lead-in time for holidays is shortening every year. Holidaymakers will happily wait until the last minute before booking. The shoddy weather just exacerbates the situation.

[Full press release featuring the overall top UK brands]

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