Teachers are no longer the fountain of knowledge – Google & Wikipedia are!


Best-selling Web 2.0 author Don Tapscott says that children should not be taught to memorise unimportant facts he also said: “Teachers are no longer the fountain of knowledge — the internet is. Kids should learn about history but they don’t need to know all the dates.

He argues that teaching methods being used on children were dreamt up in another age and education needs to move with the times reflecting new technologies, which make facts and figures available at the click of a mouse.

Tapscott who coined the phrase “net generation” says a better approach is to teach children to think creatively so that they can learn to understand and then apply the knowledge available freely online.

“It is enough that they know about the Battle of Hastings, without having to memorise that it was in 1066.

They can look that up and position it in history with a click on Google. Memorising facts and figures is a waste of time.”

He dismissed the traditional method as “anti-learning” and argues that teaching kids to learn new things is more important than ever in the information age: “Children are going to have to reinvent their knowledge base multiple times. So for them memorising facts and figures is a waste of time.”

Tapscott is best known for his 1998 book ‘Growing Up Digital’, which he has followed up with his latest book ‘Grown Up Digital’.

As a footnote :-The more sophisticated a society becomes, the more it questions, and the less its citizens can be taken for granted. The thriving economy is the one built on transparency and a desire to make decisions based on reason and logic rather than depending simply on emotion and gut instinct.

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