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Office 2010 the Movie

Microsoft have killed off Clippy – the well-to-do paperclip (or annoying paperclip) – in a new blockbuster themed ad for Office 2010.

What is the 14th instalment – Office 2010 looks set to be fully integratable with ‘cloud’ software, meaning that its suite of products, including Word and Excel, will be based out of the web, instead of the desktop.


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Google to Launch Chrome OS 2010

Google have just dropped a big spanner in Microsoft’s operating system works and the impending launch of Windows 7 as they announced yesterday that they are going to launch an operating system based on Chrome in 2010.

“However, the operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web.”

The beauty of this OS is that it is going to be open source and Google plans to release the open source code for Chrome OS later this year ahead of the launch next year. I wonder if it will be around the same time as Microsoft lunch Windows 7.

More detail can be found here at Techcrunch.

I wonder how long it will take for somebody to do a YouTube Hitler Parody like this 🙂


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Microsoft release first TV ad for its Bing search engine

The ad opens up with a number of familiar internet memes, including ‘keyboard cat‘ and ‘afro ninja‘, with a voiceover saying “we don’t need queries and keywords if they bring back questions and confusion.”

The ad continues with a number of flashing images with ‘search overload’ written across the screen, a voice over reading “staring today we need the right information to make the right decisions. Decisions that help us feel right. Decisions that helps us get to the right place at the right time.”

The ad concludes with “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to bing and decide.”

A bit ironic that the Ad is featuring on YouTube and that the campaign which launches today in the US across television, print, radio, online, including Google.

The “Battle for Search” continues 🙂

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Bing to Launch UK Travel Platform.

Bing Travel

Well had a bit more of a play around with Microsoft’s new search engine Bing and on the whole seems to work really well,  looks like the war of search is about to get a bit heated.

One interesting thing to note from a Travel point of view is Microsoft have integrated the Farecast travel engine, which its American surfers are currently able to use providing live flight and hotel search functionality, plans are also in the pipeline which will include a Hotel Rate Indicator which will search through historical data to indicate via a colour-coded system as to whether a current price for a room is a fair price for the user.

A Microsoft spokeswoman told Travolution: “Our goal is to fully localise Bing to the UK and that’s when we’ll remove the beta, however, unfortunately we cannot confirm when we will be bringing this to the UK yet.”

Will be intersting to see if Google take on the challenge?

Source Travolution

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Apple iTUNES Costs a Lot, Microsoft ZUNE PASS Costs a Little!

The above is an advertisement for the Zune Microsoft’s iPod competitor. However, the Zune now has something that iPod/iTunes does not, an unlimited monthly pass, aptly titled “Zune Pass”.

As the ad says for $14.99 you get uUnlimited downloads which you can play on your Zune device or PC/Mac.
* The downloads can be placed on up to three PCs/Macs and up to three Zune devices.
* Unlike iTunes, you can select the file format and you can select the bit rate.

Compared to iPod which will apparently cost $30,000 ! to fill it seems a better deal but maybe a little more research is needed, so if anybody at Microsoft wants to let me have a Zune and access to the service I will happily review 😉