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Apple iTUNES Costs a Lot, Microsoft ZUNE PASS Costs a Little!

The above is an advertisement for the Zune Microsoft’s iPod competitor. However, the Zune now has something that iPod/iTunes does not, an unlimited monthly pass, aptly titled “Zune Pass”.

As the ad says for $14.99 you get uUnlimited downloads which you can play on your Zune device or PC/Mac.
* The downloads can be placed on up to three PCs/Macs and up to three Zune devices.
* Unlike iTunes, you can select the file format and you can select the bit rate.

Compared to iPod which will apparently cost $30,000 ! to fill it seems a better deal but maybe a little more research is needed, so if anybody at Microsoft wants to let me have a Zune and access to the service I will happily review 😉