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“Support Local”

“Local” is an emerging theme in the Green Movement. This concept translates usually into activities and lifestyle that support the local economy – which, then, is the linchpin of local growth. In time, this should take care of the world…

The 100 Mile Diet is one such concept which bases itself on local support,  simply,  the idea is: eat local, support local.

“Local eating” is defined by the book 100 Mile Diet as eating fresh, local produce cultivated only in a 100-mile radius, wherever you are. This is the anti-thesis of what is termed as “the SUV diet” – food that has traveled hundreds of miles, been processed, preserved, and has what-nots done with it to ensure it reaches us in the wrong region, wrong season.

The book is the outcome of a year of 100-mile eating by Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon. The idea is being replicated quickly around other places – letting people go off on a treasure hunt of locally farmed products and, while on the adventure, discovering more about local seasons and the great variety of food.

[Via Trendhunter]

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