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Return of Community Shops.. Where Products Are Locally-Grown & Packaging is Scarce…



Brilliant post on the emergence of a store created to be at the heart of the community, and aiming to make environmentally-aware shopping mainstream, desirable and convenient.

This builds on the whole ethos of provinding services locally2u, forget the words ‘eco’ or ‘green’ and ‘plastic bags made from 33% recycled material’, how about going back to the good old days of community shops where products are locally-grown and packaging is provided by the customer or only used as a necessity…

At Unpackaged, we’re not in the business of ‘greenwashing’, we’ll tell you honestly what we are doing now, as a small organisation, and what we hope to do in the future.

  • Apart from the teas, all of the products we source are certified organic
  • We always source fair trade products where possible
  • We do not sell any products that are air freighted
  • We give preference to suppliers who are cooperatives or social enterprises
  • We apply the principles of the waste hierarchy: reduce, reuse and recycle
  • We plan efficiently to minimise any transportation by ourselves and our suppliers
  • The Future

    We are developing an extensive sustainability policy based on our triple bottom line which will be transparent, measurable and cover every aspect of our business. This will be published and we will provide regular updates on our progress, always striving to improve our performance and look for new and better ways to work. The policy will cover, in depth, the following elements of our business:

    • Products
    • Suppliers
    • Use of any packaging
    • Waste
    • Energy consumption
    • Transport
    • Community involvement

    More commentary can be found here at PSFK

    Via PSFK]

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