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Ray Winston Calls For Respect

Hollywood tough guy Ray Winstone shows his support for The FA’s Respect Parent Guide to Youth Football

Winstone is here to promote The FA’s new Respect Parent Guide after research showed that thousands of youngsters had hung up their boots over the last couple of years due to pressure from the sidelines.

Winstone believes that parents need to lose the “win at all costs” attitude and bring some enjoyment back to the game: “Kids want their parents to watch them play football but they want to be supported by them, not embarrassed.

The FA Respect programme has already had a major breakthrough in the grassroots game with dissent figures showing an 8% improvement nationwide on last season’s totals while 567 leagues have shown their support by becoming Respect Leagues.

I’m sure most of us have witnessed some over the top behaviour at games palyed at youth level, which is not necessary.

Check out for more info on The FA’s new Respect Parent Guide

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