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OMG…Sites That Still Use Tables… Even 2.0 Sites..


Just spotted this post and here is the list (it does conatain sites that are clear of tables as well) :-

The list – Clean – Tables inside – You will not believe how many they have – Only one… Hmm… not bad at all – Only one… Amazing! – A place for tables… and friends? – Here hang out the tables too. – Tables, tables, tablepedia over here – Only two – OK, you too – One – None, Zero, Niente, No tables around – What you think?, yes you are right, there are countless tables inside – Two on the home page, one table every 20 visible characters – Not as much as you think – Okay here we come again, back to 1995, Y! on the basics – None, can you believe it? – table is their second CSS declaration, after body of course – Yes this one too – Everybody knows – Tableu à´la carte. – Yes in the old Russia, the websites layout the tables – Ou Brasil tableleirou (here too) – None, Nicht, Null, 0 tables here – Hele ale table too – Of course, they have too – * (for now on I will write only an “*” when Google comes) – * – * – You didn´t notice but they are, they are

So what do you think is it :-

” all about semantics, using the elements for the purpose they exist for?”

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