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Occupy Wall Street – Human Microphone – Michael Moore

This video shows the “Human Mic” which the people who are occupying Wall Street have had to use as  New York City requires a permit for “amplified sound” in public places something that the people in Occupy Wall Street surprisingly can’t get hold of.

This means that microphones and speakers are banned from Liberty Plaza, and the NYPD has also been interpreting the law to include battery-powered bullhorns. Violators can be sentenced for up to thirty days in prison.

Another interesting point is that Liberty Plaza is not actually a public park. It’s privately owned by Brookfield Office Properties, landlords to Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase, and in addition to amplified sound, they’ve also sought to ban sleeping bags, tents and other equipment from what they call “Zuccotti Park.”

However coverage of these interesting events finally seem to be picking up around the world!

The video above is a clip featuring Michael Moore and he has some very interesting points of view I will leave you with one  “All great movements start with just a few people!”



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