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Nile Guide A New Breed of Travel Site…


This new site Nile Guide is aimed at the sort of people who aren’t quite sure where they want to go but have an idea as to what type of experience they would like to have.

It is a new breed of travel planning website which has aggregated travel data from over 10 sources, including Citysearch, OpenTable, and Expedia, and added its own reports and reviews from local experts for 80 international destinations. It’s then made all of the information searchable from within a tool that takes into consideration both objective and subjective factors related to your preconceived preferences.

There are four main search types on Nile Guide: food, lodging, nightlife, and “see & do”. When you search from within any one of them, you can filter the results in real-time using a variety of criteria.

Nile Guide is not just about advanced search; it wants to be a one stop travel planning service.

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