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NATAL – Xbox 360 – New Control System.

Microsoft has unveiled its new control system for the Xbox 360 console, at E3 in Los Angeles it goes by the name of NATAL and was premiered by British developer Peter Molyneux (of Populous fame and other amazing games) he showed how Natal could not only recognise faces, it could recognise facial expressions to determine what mood a player was in and react accordingly.

Even Hollywood Director Steven Spielberg was there to pass comment :-

“It’s like the square screen we saw all of our movies on in the early 1950s. Then The Robe came out in Cinemascope. And then came CinRam and Imax followed. That’s what [Natal] is.

It will be interesting to see how it develops, I think that Nintendo has definitely broke the ground with it’s wii for devices like this but I think that the natal and controllers of the future need to provide elements of game feel which I can’t see in its current form.

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