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Marketing Master Classes with Drayton Bird Learning

The above video is one of many which a good mate of mine Drayton Bird has decided to share with people online, he has to be one of the most straightforward talking people I have met  and he has been fortunate to be involved in some of the biggest marketing businesses in the world!

On his site you’ll find lots of free stuff you can steal. All guaranteed to make your marketing work better and help you work better and grow your business in a sensible way and here is an example of his straightforwardness:-

“Don’t be ashamed, because I stole a lot of this stuff myself in the first place … And got the rest through bitter experience, some with my own money but most with millions of £££s worth of my clients’.”

Go over to his site and you can see more pearls of advice and find out about his new “Commonsense Marketing Masters Series”.

Commonsense Marketing Masters Series

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