Maltese Terrier “Scooter” The Smallest Dog in the World?


This little Maltese Terrier seems to have stopped growing at 8cm just wondering if he is a challenger to The Guinness Book of World Record title holder – a long-haired chihuahua in America named Boo Boo – who stands at just over 10cm tall.

Scooter’s size is also evident in his weight, or lack of it. He weighs less than a block of butter at 400 grams – and that is while he is wearing clothes.

Owner Cheryl McKnight, from Gisborne on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, fashioned a regular purple sock into a jersey, which Scooter wears so he is easily seen around the house.

“It really is quite something. I can’t take him for a walk or put a leash on him.” more can be found here.


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