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Look Out Disney… Here Comes the Ferrari Theme Park…

The world’s first Ferrari Theme Park will open in the United Arab Emirates in time for the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Ferrari Theme Park “will be a unique oasis of discovery, hospitality and beauty that captures culture, flavour and the true spirit of Italian country, as well as the legendary automotive history, feeling and heritage of Ferrari cars and racing,” according to AME Info.

It will be like a Disneyland for the Italian sports car aficionado and his entire family.

“The attraction will provide amusement for the whole family, featuring multi-format high tech theatres, a variety of sophisticated driving schools (for both children and adults), Ferrari automotive displays and participatory learning centres as well as food and entertainment.”

“Among the 24 attractions, the park will offer a mix of high-octane and family rides with roller coasters jetting into the sky and dipping through the covered areas. At the heart of the park will be an advanced and sophisticated circuit offering driving courses, which will be the home of the first Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix in 2009.”

[Via Trendhunter]

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