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Lets face it is Facebook worth £10 billion…

In today’s financial times it says that the founders of Facebook are holding out for their business to be worth £10bn.

In the light of this the doomsayers are rallying saying this is the Bubble 2.0

I believe that the world is not going to pop 2.0 style but is now moving towards life online?

Personally I’m not sure that FB’s £10bn valuation is a really quantifiable (surely must be up there with a chance now:) ) but I do believe that it is a move in the right direction to changing peoples perceptions and the whole way in which we live and do business.

I’m sure we will see a lot more entrants to this arena until there’s the proven Google/Microsoft of Web 2.0 (and who would have thought a garage start up would ever threaten Microsoft’s dominance)?

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