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Leger Holidays launch ‘eye-catching’ new website…

Leger Holidays

Sorry for the self publicity but we have just launced our new site which has took a lot of time and effort to get to phase 1 of development  hopefully it has been worth it.

The site has been completely redesigned following feedback obtained through some unique customer research techniques which included eye-tracking technology.

We used Bunnyfoot a specialist company to monitor the eye movements of consumers in focus group tests to show the hot spots where website users looked most and the spots that were viewed least.

This research lead to more than 70 points of improvement over the previous site many of which have been incorporated into the new site and as stated earlier this is phase 1 so constant updates are to be added to ensure the site remains current and so it is able to constantly evolve and be improved upon.

Along with great improvements to the customer-facing look and feel of the site, a huge amount of investment has been made in the back-office, particularly in respect of usability and search engine optimisation and how the content is supplied to the visitor and search engines.

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