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How to Live Before You Die – Steve Jobs Style!

This is a very inspiring video and I hope that it is all true and not the usual controlled piece of prose to make everybody feel good, even if it is everybody should take pointers and realise that it is always best to give things a try as you have one life and you should enjoy every ounce!

This TED talk by Steve Jobs from June 2005 should be taken as a marker to people across all genres as it shows that a degree / college education is not the only way to succeed in this world!

I think it’s great when he goes in to “geek land” and talks about

“I learned about serif & San serif typeface and about what makes great typography work”

“If I had never dropped out I would have never dropped in to that class” Which goes to show that we all need to look at what we have and how best to utilise it in our times!

A very enlightening piece buy an individual who seems to have come through a lot and has achieved so much!

“After such a some what public failure – I still loved what I still did” – I think this is the key, so even when things seem really bad maybe this success – even though on an amazing scale will give people the hope to carry on!

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