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Holidaymakers say breaks in Britain are to expensive!.

Instead, Britons find it cheaper to fly abroad.

Nearly 20% would like to reduce their carbon footprint by taking a break in Britain rather than going abroad but find that UK holidays are too expensive, a survey by insurance company More Than found.

All told, 49% of the 1,973 people polled reckoned holidaying in the UK was too pricey, with 20% believing resorts are not as friendly as those abroad.

A total of 45% were concerned about carbon emissions produced through flying abroad, but 22% of all those surveyed see no alternative to foreign travel unless UK costs come down.

Asked to consider UK locations, 38% said Cornwall was too expensive, while 28% believed Devon was too dear, too.

“Although we are all being encouraged to think green, our research reveals that the cost of holidays in this country is a huge barrier,” said More Than’s Mike Holliday-Williams.

“Holiday operators should be aware of this so that they can think of ways to entice Brits to holiday in the UK so that we can all work harder to reduce our impact on the environment.”

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