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Gloves for the Android & iPhone.


As the owner of a new Android phone (which I think is Great!) and as Winter approaches along with it the need to wear gloves becomes a necessity, tapping on my Android may prove a little troublesome!

But as from Today Dots Gloves announces their new line of iPhone/Android Gloves, all enabling winter usage of these amazing Smart Phones Their gloves sport a nylon shell, fleece lining and microfiber grip palm, incorporates three “dots” into the glove fingertips, connects your finger tip to the Android/iPhone, even in the harshest temperatures. You can touch, tap, scroll and ping all in the comfort of a snug pair of gloves. Best of all you’d be glad to know they only set you back around $20 and are available to ship worldwide. 🙂

There are even alternatives that can be found here.

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