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Giant Adverts as you come in to land…

Just spotted this inovative idea three giant permanent ad sites are to be placed under flightpaths near Heathrow airport from next March as part of the rollout of an international portfolio of ‘aerial advertising’ sites.

Ad-Air Group has secured sites around at least 13 of the world’s busiest airports and is offering them as an opportunity for advertisers to target millions of air passengers as planes take off and land.

Each ad will be 20,000 square metres in size, the equivalent of three football pitches.

Its first site will be unveiled in Dubai next month and has been booked by a major property developer. Other sites include Denver, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing and Paris.

Each ad will be held on a frame just above ground level. Where the land is fertile the ads will be printed on a PVC mesh that allows air and moisture through.

The sites will be illuminated at night unless local legislation forbids doing so. However, the Heathrow sites will not be illuminated.

Ad-Air Group was initially set up in August 1999 for research purposes, but began trading in mid-2001 and become a PLC in 2005. It has attracted £5m of private equity funding over the past five years.

It is led by managing director Paul Jenkins and chaired by John Sharkey, the former managing director of Saatchi & Saatchi.

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