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From the Makers of Jackass – “The Wild Whites of West Virginia”

This sometimes tragic and comical movie shot over the course of eighteen months, follows the hell-raising “hillbilly” White family of Boone County, West Virginia.

Who seem to be one of  the most notorious familys in the state and the director Richard Metzger explains how it all started with his first meeeting with Jesco White in this promo video.

The Whites engage in a mind-blowing array of anti-social and criminal activities with barely concealed glee.

Produced by “Jackass” maestros Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine through their Dickhouse production company and MTV Film.

Oh blimey very disturbing apparently most of the family get social cheques as they are classed as insane!

“Apparently there are people like this all over America” to quote Richard.

Full Trailer Here:-


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