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Free 3D interactive whiteboard software…

Edusim is a free open sourced program that lets you convert your interactive SMARTboard into an educational 3D virtual world. It was developed for K-12 classrooms in the US, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for any group…The program was developed by Greenbush, the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center.“The goal of the Edusim project is to provide a safe 3D interactive environment for classroom activities (interactive white boards, modeling, machinima, and MORE). The Edusim on an interactive whiteboard surface is an extremely powerful way to engage your students. Students can connect to the interactive whiteboard from the Edusim running on their desktop computers, or by connecting several interactive whiteboards together using the Edusim and the school network to create a collaborative 3D interactive environment where students from multiple classrooms can connect and collaborate virtually!”

It’s only availanble for MAC’s at the moment but a windows version is coming soon…

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