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Here is a spoof ad that Friends of the Earth has posted on YouTube, which bemoans the closure of local shops because of people making one big weekly shop at Tesco, Asda, Morrsions, Sainsburys, Waitrose……..

The spoof illustrates why user-generated media should be left to the amateurs, because they do a much better job at it than a committee sitting round a table. The FoE spoofs sounds like an overly preachy, 1970s Public Service Announcement. They’ve got a sensible message, the aim is to try and convince shoppers — who are increasing short of time an money short — to shop locally using a bit more fun and humour instead of relying so much on guilt.

Here’s the Friends of the Earth – Benefits of Local Video

Thought this quote made a compelling point:-

“Part of the reason to buy local is to create a sustainable community where you live. Isn’t that compelling reason enough?”

Local Site Targeting
Local sites aren’t just about news and weather anymore. They’re as vibrant as the cities they represent.

And here is site that is trying to help a little :

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