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Ernie – The Fastest Organic Milkman In The West Returns…


Not quite Benny Hill but Ernie The Fastest Organic Milkman In The West makes a returnĀ  as all that’s old seems to be the new-new!

Delivering organic milk to customers’ doors in glass milk bottles, is coming back as the Manhattan Milk Company is reviving old-fashioned dairy delivery.

For a $5 delivery charge, Manhattanites can get a weekly delivery of fresh milk. The company’s driver loads up his truck on Wednesdays at 4 am and delivers to all of Manhattan, picking up empty bottles when he drops off the full ones. The milk is sourced from 51 Amish farms in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, about 160 miles southwest of New York City.

Maybe we will see this regeneration grow combining dairy delivery with locally supported agriculture ventures that deliver organic fruit and veg from farms to households across the world – with eco delivery systems?

Think about it convenience, charm, organic and local all combined with green credentials!!

Everything Locally2u!!

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