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Easyjet’s fuel efficient airplane:

Easyjet, the low cost short haul European airline, is coming out with it’s own fuel efficient airplane: The Ecojet.

Instead of a standard jet airline with improved fuel efficiency, the Ecojet has two open rotor jet engines at the back of the airplane, which, according to Easyjet, improve the overall performance of the plane. The wings of the airplane are swept forward to reduce drag. And finally, just like the 787, the airplane’s body will be made with with lightweight carbon fibre materials to reduce the overall weight of the plane. Easyjet claims that the new model will reduce CO2 emissions by 50% and Nitrous Oxide by 75%, while cutting noise production by around 25%.

The best way to reduce airplane emissions is by reducing unnecessary flying. However, flying has become a fact of life for a large number of people, and is sometimes unavoidable. Short-haul flights are becoming more and more common and their overall emissions can only rise.

So it is great to hear that Easyjet is trying to offset the impacts of their business by rethinking the concept of current airplane design.

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