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Copyright Law… Changes Are Coming…


After many years of legal wrangles and people feeling unsure about what they can and can’t do the digital age looks like it is going to turn the whole world of copyright right on its head.

These articles just go to show how things are starting to change and maybe for the better wonder what will happen to all those copyright lawyers etc maybe will have to go and join all those plastic bag and pub ashtray manufacturers…

Copying music from a CD to a home computer could be made legal under new proposals from the UK government.

Millions of people already “rip” discs to their computers and move the files to MP3 players, although the process is technically against copyright law.

Intellectual property minister Lord Triesman said the law should be changed so it “keeps up with the times”. more here at the BBC

Copyright and Creeativity

It often takes years for the academic world to catch up to the breakneck pace of technology. But a new study from Center and American University’s Washington College of Law recently examined the issue of copyright and creativity and came to some interesting – and surely controversial – conclusions. more here at PSFK

and finally the little guy bites back (excuse the pun)

Lacoste try to sue Dental firm and lose

French firm Lacoste just lost one against a dental practice in UK-based Gloucestershire, which uses the image of a crocodile to promote its service.

The battle raged for four years between the goliathan clothing company and the practice, with Lacoste arguing the use of the crocodile could confuse people into thinking the dentist office is Lacoste-endorsed.

In terms of logo logic, we’d associate a crocodile with root canals over polo shirts any day. And apparently the courts agree. Lacoste now owes the dental practice 1450 poundsto cover its legal costs.

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