2 Year Old Jive

The boys name is William Stokkebroe. After seeing his parents Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe and the dancers of studie43 practising he is showing what he has learned at the Galla opening 2. Marts 2012.

The video came via my friend Sam who runs Vegas Rock Dog and has just launched a new facebook page You in Your Onesie which is looking for all your photos of you in your onesie.



Ferrari Guy for Hire.


Is it me or does this guy look like Rick Parfitt of Status Quo fame?

The guy apparently will take you around Chicago in his customised Ferrari (I think he’s ruined it myself Gold Wheels – Spoiler – please).

Just had to post as he seemed so trapped in the 80’s !


Internet Explorer 7 Security Alert!


Microsoft have advised users of the world’s most common web browser to switch to another browser (Good day for Firefox) until a serious security flaw has been fixed.

The flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer could allow criminals to take control of people’s computers and steal their passwords, internet experts say.

Microsoft is investigating the problem and preparing an emergency software patch to resolve it, it says.

Internet Explorer is used by the vast majority of the world’s computer users.

“Microsoft is continuing its investigation of public reports of attacks against a new vulnerability in Internet Explorer,” said the firm in a security advisory alert about the flaw.

Microsoft says it has detected attacks against version seven of the browser – its most widely used edition.

But the company warned that other versions were also potentially vulnerable.

Here are a few links to some other browsers :-

Firefox – The one I use on a daily basis.

Chrome – Googles new browser.

Opera – A long standing browser.

I will keep you posted on developments 🙂


Samba De Amigo – Man v Monkey…

Samba De Amigo™ Wii exclusive out now!

The Samba-inspired rhythm music game made popular in arcades and on the Dreamcast is shaking its way exclusively onto the Wii! Grab your friends and shake the Wii controllers like maracas to the beat in a variety of crazy environments full of zany characters and colorful single and multiplayer modes that keep the party going. With a lively Samba-infused soundtrack packed with over 40 songs and additional downloadable tunes – Samba De Amigo is perfect for gamers of all ages.

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Google Android Phone with T-Mobile…

T-Mobile launched the G-Phone today which at first glance seems to want to be both a Blackberry and an iPhone with both touch screen and slide keyboard; at the moment the T-Mobile version only connects up with Gmail and in fact you need to have a Gmail account to use the G-phone. The key to this phones success will be how apps are created and distributed.

Will be interesting to see how the mobile market evolves with these new types of hardware!


Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates in New Microsoft Ads…

Here you can see the first two of a planned series of ads featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates which aims to show what the Micrsoft brand has to offer.

Reactions have been sharply split between those who consider it pointless to those who appreciate the quirky humor you can see them for yourself here.

I do like the bit in the second one when the kid asks Bill when the new game they are playing will be released and he says never 🙂

Apparently the last one is Jerry’s final appearance people at Microsoft say that he was there in the first few warm up commercials only as part of their $300 million Vista ad campaign more featured ads are set to follow and a dedicated site has gone live to promote the campaign.

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Eva Mendes Banned Commercial Gets Reprieve…

The above Ad starring Eva Mendes in a commercial for Calvin Klein’s Obession was deemed too hot for U.S. television a few months ago, but after a re think and the fact that it was viralled online it has now been decided that it will be shown after 9pm this autumn

Interesting to see the viral power of the web which can bring things back into the limelight.

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10 Inspirational Destinations…


If you need to recharge your creative juices and are unsure where to go then Smashing Magazine suggests 10 travel destinations for an inspiration recharge.

They have assigned each location with an inspiration remedy :

“So what will Darwin inspire? Concentration. To drive across Australia you’ll build up the type of concentration and determination Michelangelo, Raphael, and Sandro Botticelli used to paint the Sistine Chapel….Maybe.”

These ten locations from around the world offer a different type of travel experience than the more popular places most tourists are likely to visit nearby.


Russian Fishermen Catch a Mermaid?

Via CrackUnit


WEB Entrpreneur and she’s only like 17…

Ashley Qualls does not have an MBA, a high-school diploma, or even a driver’s license yet, but she already has an influential and lucrative Web site. attracts more than 7 million visitors a month — mostly teen girls, a valuable but typically elusive niche audience.

It all started as a hobby, Ashley figured out how to design MySpace layouts and posted them online for friends. When word spread in the MySpace universe, the audience exploded. To pay for the servers needed to handle her traffic, she signed up for Google AdSense. Now ad revenue reaches as much as $70,000 a month.

With seven million monthly visitors, has a larger audience than the circulation of Seventeen, TeenGir, and CosmoGirl combined.

Recently MySpace co-founder Brad Greenspan, approached Ashley with a bid valued at more than $1.5 million. She passed. Later, Greenspan came back with a second offer: $700,000, the car of her choice (up to $100,000), and her own Internet show with a marketing budget of $2 million. Again, no thanks. “I want to see how far I can take it,” she says.