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Social Shopping Site with Cashback –

Sososher which is an acronym of four words – (S) Savvy (o) Online (so) Social (sher) Shopper is marketing itself as the world’s first website that combines shopping and social media, the sites members can post pictures and videos of purchases then can review and comment on the uploads

There is also the ability to view retailer promo videos, get your hands on voucher codes along with cash back on all purchases !

I do like the “Look Busy” button which brings up a novel surprise go on give it a click :-

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When False Advertising Gets Caught Out.

This shows the power of the internet and how brands have to take care when claiming things about their products this company’s pool imagery obviously was a little misleading – however these people got their kids to voice their disappointment in the product.

Hat Tip BrandflakesforBreakfast


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Advertising is not Dead! – Good Copy and the WEB Work

This is a video for the Wicked Sick Project – which was set up by the creative team at George Patterson Y&R

The aim of the project?

“Does creativity make a difference? ”

These guys bought a bmx on ebay and relisted it with some creativity and it sold for 500% more than the purchase price.

Just goes to show that the right sort of copy does work!

Oh and its’s also good to see how the web can accelerate a products popularity with the right content 😉


Fun Shopping

Gangsta Babies – Dolls for Christmas


Just spotted these and although Christmas is still quite a way off thought they would make an unusual present, they seem to be exclusive to this online store in the US but maybe available elsewhere – maybe the next Cabbage Patch Kids 😉

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Faulty Samurai Sword on Shopping Channel…

This little clip made me smile looks like some US shopping channel maybe set in the south? 😉

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Ernie – The Fastest Organic Milkman In The West Returns…


Not quite Benny Hill but Ernie The Fastest Organic Milkman In The West makes a return  as all that’s old seems to be the new-new!

Delivering organic milk to customers’ doors in glass milk bottles, is coming back as the Manhattan Milk Company is reviving old-fashioned dairy delivery.

For a $5 delivery charge, Manhattanites can get a weekly delivery of fresh milk. The company’s driver loads up his truck on Wednesdays at 4 am and delivers to all of Manhattan, picking up empty bottles when he drops off the full ones. The milk is sourced from 51 Amish farms in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, about 160 miles southwest of New York City.

Maybe we will see this regeneration grow combining dairy delivery with locally supported agriculture ventures that deliver organic fruit and veg from farms to households across the world – with eco delivery systems?

Think about it convenience, charm, organic and local all combined with green credentials!!

Everything Locally2u!!

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Flat Pack Homes from Argos..


UK high street and shopping mall retailer Argos are launching a range of self-assembly log cabins with price points from as low as £11,000.

The Finnlife Helsinki flatpack option at £13,000 comeswith five rooms, underfloor heating and laminate flooring and, according to the retailer, it can be built by two people in one to two days.

The home also boasts a “handy loft area for storage” and a decked terrace where the owners can sit and soak up the sun.

The 32ft by 16ft 10in Helsinki, made of Scandinavian whitewood, has double-glazed French doors, windows and a felt shingle roof.

Argos said the home is “supplied in kit form containing all the components and instructions required for self assembly”.

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eCommerce Drives Home Shopping…


According to research by marketing inteligence company Key Note eCommerce will be the key factor driving the growth of the home shopping market, which will account for around one third of all retail sales in the UK by 2012.
It claims that home shopping market will expand at a rapid, albeit decelerating pace over the next five years. The research also predicts that the general mail-order sector will completely converge with internet sales by 2012, while direct sales are likely to begin to decline.

The total market for UK home shopping was valued at an estimated £58bn in 2006, more than double the £28bn spent in 2003. Figures reveal that while the e-commerce sector has exploded, the general mail-order sector has experienced a sharp decline.

Key Note claims that rising broadband penetration in the UK will only drive market growth further, and that the need to invest heavily in e-commerce means that the largest retailers will come to dominate the e-commerce sector.

Key Note finds that the general mail-order sector is increasingly overlapping with the e-commerce sector, while direct selling and direct marketing are also coming under competitive pressure from the growth of internet sales.

[Via BrandRepublic]

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17 Year Old! Launches Social Shopping Site…


Rasba is a social e-commerce platform created by a 17 year old, that connects sellers of the hottest brands and trends with young and hip buyers. Brands can create a simple, fast, and customizable store within the website while users can discover and buy awesome new products/brands. What makes Rasba special is the awesome social networking and affiliate program that buyers and sellers can take advantage of.

Miriam Brafman, the young founder of Rasba, didn’t have any programming knowledge when she came up with the idea for it. So she sought out developers through LinkedIn and other means. She now has a full-time Yahoo employee working on the site for her. She spends most of her time these days traveling to meet with retailers who might want to set up shop on Rasba.

Whenever a user buys a product from a Rasba store, it goes to a public profile page where the user displays each product he/she has bought (see and each time a user sells a product displayed through their profile, they get a commission, which varies from each product.

[Via Trendhunter]

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Look Out Disney Here Comes Dubai Land…

Although the video can be a little cheesy it does give you an idea as to the enormity of this project; the biggest pyramid in the world will no longer be in Egypt! It will be in Dubai; Dubailand will be adding replicas of the world’s wonders that will be used for commercial and residential purposes.

It will be a blend of theme parks, luxury living, shopping and adventure.They will also be adding their own versions of The Tower of Pisa, The Great Wall of China, The Eiffel Tower, Dubai Grand Pyramid, Dubai Taj Mahal, Town of Venice, as well as the Dubai Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Falconcity which will have eco condos, open-air dining, cafes and a garden which looks over FalconCity Mall. There will be Villas in multiple styles, from Santa Fe designs to Aegean architecture.

[Via Trendhunter]