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Street View now in 3D

Just noticed the 3D icon on Streetview this morning whist looking something up and thought it might be for that area but after checking out Happydude’s own appearance on streetview seems that the guys at Google have applied 3D to all their data. 😉

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The Internet – “Superpower” Season from the BBC

This video is to promote a new season from the BBC called “Superpower” which launches on 8 March, in the video “the people of the internet” are portrayed as extraterrestrial figure sending messages to the people of Earth, showing how important the internet has become to civilisation and its impact on how we live.

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Please Help Stop Fox Hunting



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Google Street View Comes to UK (Featuring Happydude)…


I have been waiting ages for this moment –  although totally geeky –  its true I am on Google Street View looking out of my window, what are the odds on that.


I saw the car last year so took a snap and he took one back 🙂

But seriously the streetview feature is great you can even check out my home town Sheffield

Now where did I put that euromillions ticket 🙂

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Burj Dubai Tower -The Tallest Skyscraper In The World…

Here is a pretty amazing video and some photos taken by David Hobcote of the Burj Dubai tower which when completed will be the tallest skyscraper in the world. It is simply amazing and when you look down at the buildings below it you get a sense of its enormity.

Definitely a place I want to visit just to catch a glimpse of all the amazing architecture that is being constructed in this region.

You can see more of this amazing building here and the official site here

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WOW… A Serious Cable Job…


“Give me 5 minutes looks like a faulty cable and I have to find it”

ps. can you spot the unplugged cable 🙂

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Nothing like a little humour @ work…

[Via Bestpicever]

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Well what can I say….

[Via Bestpicever]