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Be very afraid Techno Viking coming to a High Street near you…

OMG be very afraid this guy and his pose take to the streets…

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New Approach Lands ‘Band’ A Shot…

An unsigned teenage singer-songwriter, with a novel approach to band line-ups, has landed a chance to win a recording contract – yet he has only ever performed a handful of gigs in his life.

Modern Eulogy is the brainchild of an 18-year-old from the village of Oughtibridge, Sheffield – the concept of the band is that, lead singer-songwriter apart, it has an ever-changing mix of members, or a ‘liquid line-up’ as the frontman describes.

The band, plus its unknown line-up, is one of six shortlisted from 50, that will perform this week (27/09/07) at the city’s Runaway Girl venue in the Sheffield Battle of the Bands contest.

The competition is being run by London-based record label End of the Trail Records, whose last competition, held in Nottingham six months ago, resulted in two bands being signed.

Matt Williams, 18, who goes under the band name Modern Eulogy, has just finished A-levels at Hillsborough College and deferred his place at Chester University for a year while he tries to break into the music scene.

He said: “I can’t quite believe that I’ve played hardly any gigs and now I’m going to be performing in front of a record label with the chance of landing a deal.

“The idea for Modern Eulogy is that it’s me as singer-songwriter, and then I’m going to bring in different people each time we perform, so the line-up is constantly changing, or liquid.

“To be honest, we’ve only ever played about five gigs and I’ve only just got round to getting some tracks online through a mate who’s now left for uni.

“So this has totally come out of the blue – a mate talking to a mate, who passed on a link to the band’s MySpace site, and now I’ve got a crack at it.

“You do hear of people playing back bedrooms one week and Glastonbury the next, so who knows.”

Kelly Munro, owner of End of the Trail Records, said: “This is a great formula for us to see unsigned bands performing live and creating a bit of healthy competition. In fact, at our last Battle of the Bands, we signed two up.

“We’ve seen more than 50 bands in and around Sheffield and now we’re seeing the cream of the crop go head-to-head.”

Six unsigned groups will fight it out in the Battle of the Bands competition on Thursday, 27 September at the Runaway Girl.

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A great ‘Electro’ video edit…

Just came across this video the band are from Sweden and are called Familjen, not quite sure what the song is about but think the edit is really good just watch that woman get on down… It’s all vintage footage from a religious gathering and was put together by Johan Söderberg

[Via BoingBoing]

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1..2..3… Get down with the Gratitude Dance…

All ancient civilizations had their own versions of the gratitude dance. It’s a ritual that has almost entirely disappeared from our culture, but these two guys Brad and Matthew are hoping to revive it. Just like the native Americans performed a rain dance to express their gratitude to the gods of the sky, it’s just as important to be thankful for the things you hope to attract in your life but don’t have yet.

All you have to do is :-

1. Write down the things you are grateful for
2. Turn on the video
3. Do the Gratitude Dance!

[Via TrendHunter]

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Ronald Jenkees…. Keyboard Wizard… You Decide…

This guy is a video blogger who started a YouTube channel and he has almost 6000 YouTube subscribers. If you listen to the tunes and it’s your type of thing then maybe we will see him on MTV…

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Big in Japan..

Not really a reason for this post other than the fact that it is apparently very popular in Japan. Here’s an English subtitled YouTube of “the butt biting bug song,” Oshiri kajiri mushi. Makes you wonder though about the sort of things kids in Japan are into “Tight asses and hard asses and beaten asses and shriveled asses.” In what universe do these constitute appropriate lyrics for children’s music? maybe something got lost in translation…

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“Chocolate Rain” by Tay Zonday….

I know it’s everywhere at the moment but you’d never expect the kid*(see update) to have that sort of voice .. would you … (*after a bit of research lokks like thsi guy had a good paper round :0 he is 25 years old so not such a big surprise..)

Plus it does get stuck in your head.. see how long it is before you start singing it 🙂

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Booming Business Ideas…

I know its been around for a long time… the growth in Baby Boomers, the Silver Surfer effect but the following research gives some great insights and possible ideas as to how to capture this forever growing market…

Booming Business Ideas…

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Look out Rihanna #1… Next number #1…

Just a bit of fun but Songs For Ice Cream Trucks, is just that, it’s new music for ice cream trucks recorded with a delightful array of instruments, from glockenspiel to Theremin to an old Casio Keyboard…

Wonder how long it will be until we hear these little ditties around the streets where we live….

For a taste, please enjoy listening to “Where Do Ice Cream Trucks Go In The Winter?” courtesy of the artist:

[Via Boing Boing]

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15 Megabytes of Fame…

Platinum Blue provide technology services that help people see music and the music market in a completely new way, It helps the entire music industry optimize both the supply and the demand sides of the music chain. Improved decision making for the supply side and the most intuitive search, discovery and recommendation tool for the demand side. Platinum Blue is a cornerstone of the next generation music industry.

Mike McCready, CEO of Platinum Blue, says: “If you look at the music that has been invented since Beethoven, all of the hit songs in every new genre conform to the same mathematical patterns.

“Reticent artists need to understand this is just a tool to help them get their art to a mass audience, rather than affect the art they’re making.”