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Micro Sculptor Willard Wigan – Amazing Pin Head Art

This is pretty amazing this guy Willard Wigan creates work of art in micro. He has really showed that you can be something if you want to and he has created these amazing pieces like Charlie Chaplin balancing on an eyelash.

He also just sold his complete collection for $20 Million Dollars!

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Northern Rock Staff to Receive Bonus Payments?


Surely this must be a mistake?

Not according to this report in the Mail it looks like even though the tax payers have bailed them out, they will get bonuses some of them even based on the bail out!

Now don’t get me wrong I think people should be rewarded for doing a good job – but surely what we have witnessed over the last few months is nothing short of daylight robbery and total incompetence.

I think it’s about time that the governments start to act out the promises that they made when the bail outs were made before the whole thing goes “Pete Tong” again.

It also seems that the guys at Llloyds – TSB are going to spread a bit of festive cheer this year along with some others here and in the US.

But dont worry the check out the photo above looks like our PM’s wife is doing her bit to help out πŸ™‚

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Credit Crunch Panic Over for Queen..


Following on from the post the other day about the Queen and how she was in need of a little assistance with her cashflow.

All seems good in the “Windsor Hood” as the above headline and this story seem to show.

Makes you feel better doesn’t it πŸ˜‰