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Occupy Wall Street – Human Microphone – Michael Moore

This video shows the “Human Mic” which the people who are occupying Wall Street have had to use as  New York City requires a permit for “amplified sound” in public places something that the people in Occupy Wall Street surprisingly can’t get hold of.

This means that microphones and speakers are banned from Liberty Plaza, and the NYPD has also been interpreting the law to include battery-powered bullhorns. Violators can be sentenced for up to thirty days in prison.

Another interesting point is that Liberty Plaza is not actually a public park. It’s privately owned by Brookfield Office Properties, landlords to Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase, and in addition to amplified sound, they’ve also sought to ban sleeping bags, tents and other equipment from what they call “Zuccotti Park.”

However coverage of these interesting events finally seem to be picking up around the world!

The video above is a clip featuring Michael Moore and he has some very interesting points of view I will leave you with one  “All great movements start with just a few people!”



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Occupy Wall Street – Is It Lacking Mainstream Media Coverage.

The above video shows journalist and author Chris Hedges at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration at Liberty Plaza this link to their web site shows what has been happening in New York and other cities.

Interestingly it does not seem to be getting much coverage here in the UK?

Not sure what coverage it is getting in the US or the rest of the world?

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Solar Bulbs – Bring Light to the Poor

Millions of the poorest people in the Philippines live without electricity.

Many are informal settlers who connect themselves to power sources illegally, often leading to fires breaking out in their homes and to the rest the cost is often to much.

Now, a new and cheap solar-light idea is providing an answer for a growing number of Filipinos,  the project is being run by MyShelter Foundation who plan to run the idea out to over 1 million homes – looks like a bright idea to me (sorry 😉 ).


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US Investigations Costs – “Somethings Are Priceless”…

An interesting look at what the US government spent on investigations like 9/11 the fiscal crisis and the Clinton – Lewinsky scandal.

The world never ceases to amaze me more interesting stories and videos can be found here on the Daily Bail.


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Newspaper Extinction Timeline!

This article on the Ross Dawson’s blog gives a very  interesting view on how today’s newspapers look set for extinction!

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Arthur Sulzberger, the publisher of New York Times Says It Will Eventually Go Out Of Print.

I know I keep going on about the demise of the daily paper but Arthur Sulzberger, the publisher of New York Times, has conceded what other experts have been predicting about print newspapers, at a conference in London, Suzberger acknowledged that the iconic newspaper will eventually go out of print.

“We will stop printing the New York Times sometime in the future, date TBD,”


Sulzberger’s statement came in response to a prediction that the newspaper would go out-of-print by 2015.

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The Times & The Sunday Times Launch New Sites – Paywall to Follow

Following on from the post earlier this year and Murdochs paywall plans, the Times and Sunday Times newspapers have revealed their new-look websites as they prepare to charge readers, before the charging starts people who register will be able to register will be able to access the websites for free until late June after that it will be £1 per day or £2 for a weeks subscription to the Times.

I do like what  they have done with the design nice and clean and very functional and I do like how they have managed to retain the look of the traditional print item which should lend it to becoming quite popular with the iPad / Tablet fraternity although they may have on navigation for touch devices but sure there will be an app for it .

One last thing I like which is not really an online newspaper first but it does change their offering  away from reporting yesterdays news and gives them the opportunity to post live reports.

With newspaper sales in decline and advertising increasingly moving online, print owners have been searching for a business model that will make profits from their websites, whether or not it proves popular enough for people to pay remains another story that only time will tell.


ith newspaper sales in decline and advertising increasingly moving online, owners have been searching for a business model that will make profits from their websites
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WEB & TV Become One – Google TV

For many years I have been evangelizing about the convergence of TV & WEB and it looks like it is almost here, the guys over at Google announced Google TV which means you will be able to view video and browse the web from your TV instead of your traditional computer.

Their is even talk of having the ability to use your android powered phone (or tablet) to either browse, or use as a keyboard for your Google enabled TV.

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Google Adds Some Great New Features to Webmaster Tools

Just spotted some nice new features to Google Webmaster Tools which should help website owners, they have added more queries and charts and also impressions, clicks and click through rate data.

This can really help with the development and marketing of a site and comes a a major challenge to keyword ranking reports.


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Google TV Ads Service Sends Alarm Bells Through AD Land

Just came across this video which shows Slate ad critic Seth Stevenson try out the Google TV Ads service that allows you to run your own commercial on national TV for as little as $100.

What next from the guys at Menlo Park this is a brillaint tool that gives virtually anybody the chance to broadcast their own ads for a fraction of the traditional cost.

A lot of advertising companies must be very worried, will try it out and let you know – keep your eyes open for a “happydude” ad 😉