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Uber Yacht for Hire Only £300k a Week…

bowstbd princess-mariana-beach-club-with-tender princess-mariana-owners-suite princess-mariana-guest-cinema sternport princess-mariana-outdoor-bar-and-dining

Wondering what to do this summer?

Just need to get away from it all then why not charter the luxury Motor Yacht Princess Mariana she has six decks. This modern and stylish yacht is full of modern innovative features and can accommodate 12 permanent guests on board.

One of the most impressive features on board Princess Mariana is the Beach Club is a dry dock for the custom built tender which can be “flooded” when the tender is outside and forms a 12 metre swimming pool with underwater lighting and steps.

There is also a helipad on board – and when the helicopter has left, it becomes a golf driving range with a massive screen showing a host of well-known courses.

The decks on board Princess Mariana are extremely spacious and there are plenty of dining opportunities to choose from. One level up from the bridge deck is the party deck with two bars, casual seating areas, a raised dance floor, a grand piano, three cinema screens, a barbeque, sun beds and a spa pool! There is a cinema on the main deck with seating for 13 guests.

There are six staterooms which all have plasma TV’s and private ensuites. The entertainment system on board has a huge capacity for storage with plenty of music and DVD’s to choose from. This system can be accessed from all staterooms.

There is also a fully equipped gym on board with an elliptical machine, treadmill, exercise bicycle, and free weights.

So what are you waiting for I know I’m off to book 😉 one little item it will cost you $307,895 a week to rent!

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Oh My Dog… When Pet Owners go to far…

It makes you wonder what next this crazy world is going to thow up …

Check out this dog show in Las Vegas, what makes these people dream up these things? Plus how much time does this take?

(The owners don’t seem to happy! Goodness knows what the dogs think? Notice no Rottweilers around 🙂 )

More images here if you want to take a peek…


Easy Still… “Ma Pa break out the shine”…

No cooling tubes or noisy running water in the plumbing. Thermometers and thermostats are not needed; this unit is designed for the production of alcohol.

All you need to do is add 4 liters of mash or wine to the unit and plug it. The machine warms up in one hour, and the process of distillation takes place in 3 hours. So in 4 hours you can have 1.4 liter of 46% alcohol. If you want a much more pure alcohol, all you have to do is re-distill the outcome of the first batch, and the result will be an alcohol with the 88% of purity.


A simple 3 step Life Hack…

There are many “Life Hacks” out there but noticed thsi one the other day and thought it worth a post…

“Besides the noble art of getting things done,
there is the noble art of leaving things undone.
The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.”
– Lyn Yutang

  1. Figure out what is important to you. – The 80/20 rule suggests that only 20% of your daily activities are actually important.  The other 80% are mostly excess time wasters of far less importance.  The key to success rests in being able to distinguish between the two.
  2. Eliminate the excess. – What is cluttering your life?  What don’t you use on a regular basis?  Throw it all away.  What extra steps are you taking that don’t directly support your goals?  Remove them from your routine.  If it does not help you move forward, it isn’t worth doing.
  3. Focus all your energy on the outcome of step #1. – After completing steps 1 and 2 you will be equipped with a clear vision of what is truly important.  All you have to do now is focus your efforts accordingly.  If done right, you will actually notice yourself doing less and accomplishing more.

Not sure if I will get past the first step but here goes 🙂

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“Life Remix” 100 tips to Improve your life..

Seem to be developing a trend here 100 tips for this 100 tips for that 🙂

Anyway the people over at Behance have just posted an interesting and intriguing list of One Hundred Tips To Improve Your Life. It is a mashup of ideas from lots of other blogs some of these tips are really good so if you fancy trying to get a hold on your hectic lifestyle then check out the link above…

[Via Josh Spear]

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What’s the Weather? Supercomputers to predict @ town level..

In the light of the current weather extremes that we have been experiencing here in the UK and the rest of the world the following article caught my eye it seems  new supercomputers will be able to give a more detailed and accurate forecast (lets hope so been a little hit and miss at the moment – plus thought we had town level at the moment ). Currently, accurate forecasts are limited to county-sized areas; but a supercomputer to be introduced at the Met Office will give much finer detail.

Whats the Weather link

[Via BBC]

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Real time traffic reports for the UK

A web 2.0 Google mashup site that is a free service aimed at giving up-to-date traffic news and information. Frixo specialises in traffic news and reports making it easy to use whether you’re about to make a journey or out and about using our wireless service.

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Useful Travel Links…

Here is a list of useful websites for information on transport and travel. Check out the latest news on road, rail and air.

Flood advice:

Environment AgencyClick here

Gloucestershire County CouncilClick here

Oxfordshire County CouncilClick here

Worcestershire County CouncilClick here

Herefordshire CouncilClick here

On the road and trains:

Highways Agency traffic newsClick here

AA RoadwatchClick here

RAC traffic newsClick here

National RailClick here

Eurostar – Click here

Traffic England – Click here

Transport DirectClick here

Airport Websites:

Heathrow Airport – Click here for Heathrow airport website.

Gatwick Airport – Click here for Gatwick airport website.

Stansted Airport – Click here for Stansted airport website.

Luton Airport – Click here for Luton airport website.

London City Airport – Click here for London City airport website.

Manchester Airport – Click here for Manchester airport website.

Birmingham Airport – Click here for Birmingham airport website.

Southampton Airport – Click here for Southampton airport website.

Bristol Airport – Click here for Bristol airport website.

Newcastle Airport – Click here for Newcastle airport website.

Nottingham Airport – Click here for Nottingham airport website.

Norwich Airport – Click here for Norwich airport website

Cardiff Airport – Click here for Cardiff airport website.

Glasgow Airport – Click here for Glasgow airport website.

Edinburgh AirportClick here for Edinburgh airport website.

Aberdeen AirportClick here for Aberdeen airport website.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport – Click here for Liverpool airport website.

Coventry Airport – Click here for Coventry airport website.

Belfast Airport – Click here for Belfast airport website.

Dublin AirportClick here for Dublin airport website

Airline websites:

British AirwaysClick here

BMIClick here

Ryanair – Click here

EasyJet – Click here

AlitaliaClick here

Air FranceClick here

LufthansaClick here

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Not Quite Die Hard – but how to hack an elevator!

A bit of Friday Fun!

A very simple, straight-forward way to get your elevator into express mode. Very handy when you’re late for an important meeting.

How to Hack an Elevator!

If you get stuck don’t blame me perhaps then you will then need the skills of John McClane 🙂