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So Real it’s Scary

Watch very good viral 😉

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MirageTable: Freehand Interaction on a Projected Augmented Reality Tabletop

This is a demo video from Microsoft Research for their MirageTable, a 3-D stereoscopic projector which projects content directly on top of the curved screen. The information is captured by the Kinect camera, which also tracks the user’s gaze, pretty impressive can’t wait until it becomes mainstream.

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Real Life Transformer – Car to Robot

This is pretty impressive a real life working Transformer!

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Futuristic Drag and Drop Concept for Transferring Photos and Media

Tired of fiddling with cables and memory cards? You might not have to in the near future as wireless data transfer becomes more and more common

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Google – Project Glass

A bit of old news but pretty impressive the video depicts what a day in the life of a Google glasses-wearer would be like. Shown literally through the eyes of a of the wearer, it all starts with the glasses booting up. A series of icons flash into his field of vision, Terminator-style. He checks his calendar and the weather, chats and shares photos with friends.

Will be interesting to see how this develops!

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Tapose brings the Microsoft “Courier” idea to Life on iPad

Can’t believe its been nearly 3 years since the rumour around Microsoft’s Courier tablet started, even though sadly the tablet never came to life.

The people over at Tapose have launched an app for the iPad which for the sake of it being on a single tablet, it seems to be just what the courier promised to be as can be seen in the video above.

(Hopefully there will be an Android version soon).

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Futulele, the Ukulele app for the iPad and the iPhone

FUTULELE is an upcoming Ukulele synthesizer for iOS, it can work on a single iPad, similar to there well known guitar synth OMGuitar.

Maybe we will see the Everly Pregnant Brothers strumming on one of these soon?

PS Like their new t-shirt we used to have a Black & White TV with a similar logo when I was younger 😉

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Did Microsoft blow it with the Courier tablet?

Two years since we posted about Microsoft’s Courier Tablet the guys over at TechRepublic have an interesting article here on the Courier and why it never came to launch.

I think if the tablet had been launched Microsoft may well have gone on to conquer the tablet market place!

The video above shows even more of its planned capabilities, maybe some of this will be incorporaetd in the Windows 8 tablets.


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Padzilla – The 70″ iPad

Fingers too small for iPhone – iPad not quite big enough? Then the Padzilla interactive case may be the solution it allows you to use your iPad/iPhone with a massive screen that is multitouch capable.

Shown in the video is a 70″ version but can be made in any size up to 150″ however it does cost between £19,000 & £25,000.

Jailbreak is not required and the unit can be positioned vertically or in a table mode thanks to our special mounting system you can find out more here.


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Asus Padfone – A Very Smart Tablet err Smartphone

Saw this yesterday and thought what a brilliant idea a tablet this is powered by your smartphone so you have the portability and the Bigger screen.

Not to many details at the moment but the Padfone should be available in Q4 2011, and priced somewhere between $800-$1000.