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Gloves for the Android & iPhone.


As the owner of a new Android phone (which I think is Great!) and as Winter approaches along with it the need to wear gloves becomes a necessity, tapping on my Android may prove a little troublesome!

But as from Today Dots Gloves announces their new line of iPhone/Android Gloves, all enabling winter usage of these amazing Smart Phones Their gloves sport a nylon shell, fleece lining and microfiber grip palm, incorporates three “dots” into the glove fingertips, connects your finger tip to the Android/iPhone, even in the harshest temperatures. You can touch, tap, scroll and ping all in the comfort of a snug pair of gloves. Best of all you’d be glad to know they only set you back around $20 and are available to ship worldwide. 🙂

There are even alternatives that can be found here.

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QR Codes and Fashion…


T-Shirt’s by Emma Cott utilise QR Code (two-dimensional barcodes) technology which makes it possible to encode information which can then be read with a simple camera phone.

It’s big business in Japan and is headed for Europe as the Munich label Emma Cott is promoting itself as new, fresh and technically ahead. The online shop sells shirts with coded Messages you can also submit new messages that can be coded and printed onto the products.

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17 Year Old! Launches Social Shopping Site…


Rasba is a social e-commerce platform created by a 17 year old, that connects sellers of the hottest brands and trends with young and hip buyers. Brands can create a simple, fast, and customizable store within the website while users can discover and buy awesome new products/brands. What makes Rasba special is the awesome social networking and affiliate program that buyers and sellers can take advantage of.

Miriam Brafman, the young founder of Rasba, didn’t have any programming knowledge when she came up with the idea for it. So she sought out developers through LinkedIn and other means. She now has a full-time Yahoo employee working on the site for her. She spends most of her time these days traveling to meet with retailers who might want to set up shop on Rasba.

Whenever a user buys a product from a Rasba store, it goes to a public profile page where the user displays each product he/she has bought (see and each time a user sells a product displayed through their profile, they get a commission, which varies from each product.

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Cool Hunting Gift Guide 2007…


Cool Hunting has just released its Holiday Gift Guide, featuring items of all shapes and sizes ranging from $8 into the thousands (I know it’s US based but maybe it can give some inspiration).

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Poetic Licence with a website…


This is a really cool idea if you like interactive sites and ever fancied being a web designer here you go 😉 .

The woman’s shoe company, Poetic Licence, has handed over website design responsibilities to site visitors who, with a set of tools, can craft a personalized version of the site which can also be used as the person’s desktop.

To quote the company “Any company that takes poetic license with its shoe designs ought to allow consumers poetic license with its website…

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“Sent to you by someone who thinks you’re beautiful.” by Dove…

Previous clips have focused on the effects of media on women’s self-esteem, this latest clip looks at the impact a distorted perception of self-worth affects external relationships with others…

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Oh My Dog… When Pet Owners go to far…

It makes you wonder what next this crazy world is going to thow up …

Check out this dog show in Las Vegas, what makes these people dream up these things? Plus how much time does this take?

(The owners don’t seem to happy! Goodness knows what the dogs think? Notice no Rottweilers around 🙂 )

More images here if you want to take a peek…

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Barbie gets a Muslim Makeover…

Indonesian Muslim mother Sukmawati Suryaman began designing a Barbie-like doll. Suryaman dressed the dolls conservatively; she didn’t want her own daughter to play with a traditional Barbie doll as she feared she might imitate the doll’s immodest way of dressing.

That’s how she came up with the concept of the Salma dool, the latest must-have toy for Indonesian girls.

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Office Trolley… No the Office Collar…

This is out of the mind of young british designer Simon Brewster it is designed to stop the distarctions that employees may find working in todays modern open plan offices. It comes in white leather and has 15 variations, each designed for different corporate assignments, ensuring they see what they are supposed to see, and nothing else…

Blimey not sure about this what next, corporate chains to keep you at your workstation… 🙂
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Local eco trends have impact on fashion…

An article in the Financial Times suggests that the increasing awareness by consumers of ethical, social and environmental issues could lead retailers to source more local suppliers.


“On an overall basis there are reasonably limited gains [still to be made] … Over the past five to 10 years retailers have squeezed the supply pipeline as hard as they can,” said Neil Saunders, author of the Verdict report…

Increasing awareness by consumers of ethical and environmental issues, in-cluding poorly paid garment manufacturers and long-distance sourcing, could lead retailers to source closer to home in more expensive countries. But they are unlikely to abandon cheap suppliers while the signal from consumers is mixed.

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