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Ray-Ban – Desktop Optical Illusion

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Lego Everly Pregnant Brothers – Oyl Int Ruwad (Hole in the Road)

Brilliant bit of Lego animation from Jason Effex featuring some great and memorable sights of Sheffield along with a great track from the Everly Pregnant Brothers.

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SAGA 2012 – The Chosen One to Save All!

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Little Printer from Berg Cloud

BERG announced “Little Printer,” its Web-connected printer for the home including a broad selection of custom designed publications. BERG also introduced BERG Cloud, a new platform for creating, connecting and controlling smart products and infrastructure.

Little Printer will be available in 2012, wouldn’t mind giving one of these a trial 😉



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You would have thought the Siri developers would have known this :)

A funny sketch regarding voice recognition and the Scottish accent,  as I said in the title you would have thought the people at Apple might have known this especially in light of the problems with SIRI.


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Padzilla – The 70″ iPad

Fingers too small for iPhone – iPad not quite big enough? Then the Padzilla interactive case may be the solution it allows you to use your iPad/iPhone with a massive screen that is multitouch capable.

Shown in the video is a 70″ version but can be made in any size up to 150″ however it does cost between £19,000 & £25,000.

Jailbreak is not required and the unit can be positioned vertically or in a table mode thanks to our special mounting system you can find out more here.


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Nostlagia Time with GIF.TV






A bit of trip down memory lane for all those who used to get an email from a friend with the attached animated GIF.

Simply click thorugh the channel button on the remote and watch some old favourite animated GIF’s on GIF.TV .



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Holidays are Coming Coke Festive Ad & a Few More

I know its very commercial but do like this Coke ad it does make it seem like Christmas, and here are some more ads with a Christmas theme to get you in the mood courtesy of the Independent.


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Coronation Street – Déjà Vu Mode – Tram Crash?

Soaps what are they about, don’t have time thankfully to watch them but in light of Coronation Streets “Blockbuster” 50 years epic screening 😉 Was surprised and shocked to see that the story was not original why cant they think of a new storyline?

Is it ground hog day or some form of national apathy 🙂

Coronation Street Tram Crash 1967?

Coronation Street Tram Crash 2010?

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Thank god for the Internet 😉


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People Are Awesome – Mega Viewed Youtube Video

This video has had nearly 7 million views since Oct 25th!!

It’s a compilation of people doing some pretty amazing things with soundtrack by Hadouken they must be pleased.