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Google Bots may be coming to a street near you…

This article on the BBC technology news site, highlights Google’s recent takeovers of companies in the robotics industry and possible future plans. Interesting times once again especially in light of Amazon’s recent drone delivery systems.

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What Would It Be Like If Social Was Acted Out In Real Life

This Ad for Cell C -Data shows what might happen if you didn’t have any data!

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LTRO is biggest ‘cash for trash’ scheme in the world!

Irish economist David McWilliams points out the failings of LTRO and other elements of the latest euro worries. He also comes up with some worthy solutions which seem to make sense “South American 90’s debt deals” – “Fiscal expansion” and ultimately the factor that “the Linchpin is Germany”. and what are they prepared to do to solve this mess.

Hat tip: Drayton Bird

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Futuristic Drag and Drop Concept for Transferring Photos and Media

Tired of fiddling with cables and memory cards? You might not have to in the near future as wireless data transfer becomes more and more common

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A Blog about YOUR business writing from John Hancock

The video above comes from John Hancock who has over 40 years’ experience in the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He was National Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather Direct and spent 12 years as Cellarmaster Wines’ in-house creative head.

He has just launched a new blog – Hancock’s Writing Blog which has some very insightful tutorials on how to write good copy all of which he wants to share.

He is a good friend of my friends Drayton Bird & Malcolm Auld who between all three of them have more years of experience and knowledge in Business & Marketing than I can count!

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Little Printer from Berg Cloud

BERG announced “Little Printer,” its Web-connected printer for the home including a broad selection of custom designed publications. BERG also introduced BERG Cloud, a new platform for creating, connecting and controlling smart products and infrastructure.

Little Printer will be available in 2012, wouldn’t mind giving one of these a trial 😉



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Social Media Truth

The video above was made by my friend Malcolm Auld one of Australia’s most respected marketing educators,he has tested the findings as he has covered the planet this year.

Have  a look and see what you think.


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Did Microsoft blow it with the Courier tablet?

Two years since we posted about Microsoft’s Courier Tablet the guys over at TechRepublic have an interesting article here on the Courier and why it never came to launch.

I think if the tablet had been launched Microsoft may well have gone on to conquer the tablet market place!

The video above shows even more of its planned capabilities, maybe some of this will be incorporaetd in the Windows 8 tablets.


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The Future of the Website..

Following on from Drayton’s  insight’s this video  features a series of interviews with four NYC based experts talking about the future of “the website” have a view and see what you think.

I like “It’s no longer about page views and visitors, It’s about who is online now and what they are doing” shows hwo we are moving from the richness of archival data to the immediacy of the live data.



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Drayton Bird’s Common Sense View of Marketing & The Internet

The video above features my friend Drayton Bird, talking about the Internet and how he has seen things change and develop over the years and how he has used these insights to help his businesses and those of his clients.

It really is worth a viewing for some plain common sense business points of view.