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Solar Bulbs – Bring Light to the Poor

Millions of the poorest people in the Philippines live without electricity.

Many are informal settlers who connect themselves to power sources illegally, often leading to fires breaking out in their homes and to the rest the cost is often to much.

Now, a new and cheap solar-light idea is providing an answer for a growing number of Filipinos,  the project is being run by MyShelter Foundation who plan to run the idea out to over 1 million homes – looks like a bright idea to me (sorry 😉 ).


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Not Living in A Box but a Dumpster!

This video shows Gregory Lincoln Kloehn and his new abode which he has crafted out of an old dumpster(skip). It’s very compact but he does seem to have incorporated a few home comforts in there, you can find out more on his facebook page.

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Apple iTablet – iSlate – iPanel – iPad is Coming?

Looks like the chairman of  publisher McGraw-Hill – Terry McGraw has let the cat out of the bag regarding Apple’s latest technology release as can be seen in the video (jump to 2:48) above as he confirmed the existence of Apple’s iPhone OS-based tablet and that it’s coming tomorrow!

All we can do is wait and see, still a little disappointed in Microsoft’s tablet launch was hoping it was going to be more like this.

Oh not sure if its the real thing but here is a possible picture of the iPad


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Burj Dubai Tower -The Tallest Skyscraper In The World…

Here is a pretty amazing video and some photos taken by David Hobcote of the Burj Dubai tower which when completed will be the tallest skyscraper in the world. It is simply amazing and when you look down at the buildings below it you get a sense of its enormity.

Definitely a place I want to visit just to catch a glimpse of all the amazing architecture that is being constructed in this region.

You can see more of this amazing building here and the official site here

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Flat Pack Homes from Argos..


UK high street and shopping mall retailer Argos are launching a range of self-assembly log cabins with price points from as low as £11,000.

The Finnlife Helsinki flatpack option at £13,000 comeswith five rooms, underfloor heating and laminate flooring and, according to the retailer, it can be built by two people in one to two days.

The home also boasts a “handy loft area for storage” and a decked terrace where the owners can sit and soak up the sun.

The 32ft by 16ft 10in Helsinki, made of Scandinavian whitewood, has double-glazed French doors, windows and a felt shingle roof.

Argos said the home is “supplied in kit form containing all the components and instructions required for self assembly”.

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Look Out Disney Here Comes Dubai Land…

Although the video can be a little cheesy it does give you an idea as to the enormity of this project; the biggest pyramid in the world will no longer be in Egypt! It will be in Dubai; Dubailand will be adding replicas of the world’s wonders that will be used for commercial and residential purposes.

It will be a blend of theme parks, luxury living, shopping and adventure.They will also be adding their own versions of The Tower of Pisa, The Great Wall of China, The Eiffel Tower, Dubai Grand Pyramid, Dubai Taj Mahal, Town of Venice, as well as the Dubai Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Falconcity which will have eco condos, open-air dining, cafes and a garden which looks over FalconCity Mall. There will be Villas in multiple styles, from Santa Fe designs to Aegean architecture.

[Via Trendhunter]

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Find Properties Whose Price Has Dropped…


While the property market in the UK hasn’t seen the downturn the US market is currently experiencing, deeply discounted homes can still be found even in London’s most desirable neighbourhoods. This new site Propertysnake makes the task of finding those homes easier. Users can search by region and by price.

It also has the added information savvy people typically hone in on: the number of days a home’s been on the market, for example, the percentage that sellers have reduced their offering, and the number of other homes in the vicinity that have reduced their selling price.

It aslo incorporates some UGC as it posts comments from those who’ve visited the properties. Site visitors may advise that a property’s poor state of repair or other circumstances warrant its price reduction or that the property’s discounted price needs to drop further.

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Recycled Shipping Container…Becomes illy Caffe…

For some time, designers, architects and builders all over the world have tinkered with the idea of turning excess standard shipping containers into living quarters. Some of the incarnations of the lowly metal box are downright chic, including artist-architect Adam Kalkin’s Quik House for which he apparently has more orders than he can handle.

But these metal containers have also drawn the attention of some leading brands that have started to use the eye-popping ideas to full advantage. Holiday shoppers milling about the Time Warner Center in New York will have a fabulous chance to experience one of these soon. Between November 28 and December 29, 2007, they can rest, relax and sip a perfect cup of illy espresso in one of Kalkin’s creations, the temporary Push Button House cafe that the Trieste, Italy-based illycaffè will install there.

[Via theCoolhunter]

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DIY gone bad…

The following links take you to some pretty bad home inspection reports, you will be amazed and scared at some of the tricks, people even so called ‘tradesmen’ get up to…. (check out the Hot Tub perched above – make sure those bubbles don’t overflow)…

Home Inspection Nightmares VIII
Home Inspection Nightmares VII
Home Inspection Nightmares VI

Home Inspection Nightmares V
Home Inspection Nightmares IV
Home Inspection Nightmares III
Home Inspection Nightmares II
Home Inspection Nightmares I

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Historic Home… No down payment, no mortgage, no rent, some repairs needed…

Curators are being sought out for historic residences in the US in some states that cannot afford their upkeep. You’re going to have to be handy though. Most of the houses are dilapidated and you’re going to have to do the majority of the repairs yourself as well as foot most of the expenses. The biggest down side? You’ll never own it.

The up side? You’ll be living in a remarkable historic house that you personally restored, that you likely would never have otherwise been able to afford, and there’s a good chance, it would be in a dream location too. Who cares if it’s not really yours?

Grand designs on the cheap, wonder if the same thing will happen in the UK 🙂
“We’re people of modest means,” said Darrold Endres, a nursing home administrator who has been living in and restoring an 1860s farmhouse near Boston with his family for 12 years. “We could not afford to live in an incredible spot like this, in a town with wonderful public schools for the girls, if not for the curatorship program.” Programs like the one in Massachusetts have come about because many state governments own more houses of historical interest than they can afford to maintain, mainly on farms acquired decades ago and converted to parkland. Now a few states have begun turning these properties, along with some of the surrounding land, over to live-in curators, who take on restoration responsibilities in lieu of paying rent or taxes.

[Via Trendhunter & NYTimes]