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‘Sponsored Video: Sky Sports F1™ promotional trailer — F1™ like never before’


Following on from the Grand Prix theme the trailer above is for Sky’s new sports channel dedicated to F1.

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“IncrediBull” Stop Gap Animation

A bit of  “incredibull” animation here by  Chris Butcher  winner of the stop-motion and open categories in this year’s Canimation competition for Red Bull.

As the 2012 Formula 1 Season is almost here thought it might be topical!

Don’t forget if you want to see some of Europe’s best races then Leger Holidays have a great selection to choose from plus we are also running a competition for the Spanish Grand Prix!


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Solowheel – Green Portable Transport – Segway Challenger?

What looks like a Segway challenger but a bit more compact the  Solowheel is a self balancing electric unicycle that is  basically a wheel and two foldable leg pads which uses gyroscope technology to help the rider control it  by leaning forward or backward aka Segway Style.

The unit is powered by a 1000-Watt motor; it reclaims energy when going downhill or slowing down which is stored in the on board lithium battery. The unicycle costs £975 and will be available in the UK from next month, looks like an ingenuous way to get around and not as obtrusive as the Segway.



Top Gear’s New Stig!

Looks like a new series is on the way! You can find out more here 🙂


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Jobs Worth Traffic Warden Hands Out Multiple Tickets Live on TV

US TV Reporter Gayle Anderson was filming a piece about “Road Trip Cars” in Santa Monica when a Traffic Warden handed her ticket after ticket — all on live TV.

The warden didn’t seem impressed by the cars, cameras, or Anderson’s insistence that she had parking receipts in her van. 🙂


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Extreme Reverse Driving in Citroen’s with Dunlop Tyres

Some pretty good driving skills being displayed not unlike my own 😉 must give it a try next time in”Cheese Grater Car Park“.

(Only joking please don’t try this at home)!

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An “Internet of Things” Can Make Us Free To Be Human Again!

Well what an interesting insight into the “internet of things” the connection of networks and the evolution of technology to help us build better lives and and sustainable one!

David Orban of  Wide Tag gives an insight in how all the technology that surrounds us now and is in development will help build a better world!

Anyway will let you have a look and see what you think yourself.

I love the graph on “anthropocence”  (12:02) where we were 10,000 years ago and where we are now (1% to 98% ) WOW!

Some interesting insights at the end in the Q&A section as well.


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The Internet – “Superpower” Season from the BBC

This video is to promote a new season from the BBC called “Superpower” which launches on 8 March, in the video “the people of the internet” are portrayed as extraterrestrial figure sending messages to the people of Earth, showing how important the internet has become to civilisation and its impact on how we live.

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Top Gears Jeremy Clarkson – “Power Slide Rap”

Look at Eminem looks like Jeremy Clarkson could soon be hot on his tracks with this mashup by Swede Mason from clips of the big man on Top Gear.


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Road Awareness Test

I know its an old one but this awareness is pretty good – All motorists should do it 🙂