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What Would It Be Like If Social Was Acted Out In Real Life

This Ad for Cell C -Data shows what might happen if you didn’t have any data!

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Ray-Ban – Desktop Optical Illusion

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George Carlin – On Advertising

This video was posted by my friend Drayton on facebook this morning, it features the late comedian George Carlin and his views on advertising very funny and spot on in my opinion, some great terms in there “It’s our way of saying thank you” 😉

I also came across this video from Mr Carlin and his take on Food Advertising love his view on “Natural” !

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Hahn – Non Stick Beer Mat

As its nearly the weekend thought these Ads from Australia might bring a smile or two 🙂

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‘Sponsored Video: Sky Sports F1™ promotional trailer — F1™ like never before’


Following on from the Grand Prix theme the trailer above is for Sky’s new sports channel dedicated to F1.

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“IncrediBull” Stop Gap Animation

A bit of  “incredibull” animation here by  Chris Butcher  winner of the stop-motion and open categories in this year’s Canimation competition for Red Bull.

As the 2012 Formula 1 Season is almost here thought it might be topical!

Don’t forget if you want to see some of Europe’s best races then Leger Holidays have a great selection to choose from plus we are also running a competition for the Spanish Grand Prix!


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Social Media Truth

The video above was made by my friend Malcolm Auld one of Australia’s most respected marketing educators,he has tested the findings as he has covered the planet this year.

Have  a look and see what you think.


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The Future of the Website..

Following on from Drayton’s  insight’s this video  features a series of interviews with four NYC based experts talking about the future of “the website” have a view and see what you think.

I like “It’s no longer about page views and visitors, It’s about who is online now and what they are doing” shows hwo we are moving from the richness of archival data to the immediacy of the live data.



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Drayton Bird’s Common Sense View of Marketing & The Internet

The video above features my friend Drayton Bird, talking about the Internet and how he has seen things change and develop over the years and how he has used these insights to help his businesses and those of his clients.

It really is worth a viewing for some plain common sense business points of view.


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Ghostbusters – No Buffer Busters – AR Game from Vodafone

Vodafone Germany recently launched an interesting Augmented Reality game Buffer Busters for their customers which involved capturing the AR generated creatures around the streets of Germany in return for points and rewards.

Nice use of QR code in Vodafone shops to claim points.



Hat Tip Martin Pownall