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Big Bloggers earn Big Bucks…

BusinessWeek presents/estimates, how much moolah the top bloggers are pulling in.1.jpg   BoingBoing Over $1 million a year

2.jpg   I Can Has Cheezburger? $5,600 a month

3.jpg   ShoeMoney $12,000 a month

4.jpg   Overheard in New York $8,100 a month

5.jpg $5,300 a month

6.jpg   TalkingPointsMemo $45,000 a month

7.jpg   Perez Hilton $111,000 a month

8.jpg   Gothamist $250,000 a month

9.jpg   TechCrunch $200,000 a month

10.jpg   Go Fug Yourself $6,240 a month

11.jpg   Mashable $166,000 a month

12.jpg   Problogger Over $100,000 a year

You can see this list and read the story that accompanies it at BusinessWeek.

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