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Battery Car or Air Car? ThiNK – MDI… Future Transport solutions….

Being a bit of a petrol head but wanting to help the environment thought this article was very interesting its quite long but has some great insights…

Think will only sell its vehicles online, which would reduce overhead dramatically, and will equip the cars with WiFi in order to become “a rolling computer that can communicate wirelessly with its driver, other Think owners, and the power grid.” Notably, Think plans to “to sell the car but lease the battery as a way to overcome one of the biggest conundrums of electric automobiles,”

First saw the ThiNk car about 4 years ago when I had one of my ideas and I actually contacted the company, I also contacted these guys MDI as well with the idea to provide an eco-friendly local delivery service…

These vehicles run on Compressed Air Technology(CAT) which gives them significant economical and environmental advantages…Always thought the idea is a great one and hopefully they will finally get them out on the streets….

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