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Now is the time to Pick’n’Mix your Holidays

With holiday booking via high street travel agents declining and online travel booking up by almost five times since the turn of the century, the pickage holiday has been born – the non-package, ‘choose and book yourself’ holiday is now popular with nearly two thirds of Brits.

According to research by travel price comparison website, 38 per cent more people now book their holidays online than with a travel agent. Back in 1999, 39 per cent more people booked through a travel agent than online.1 This trend has led to the closure of many high street branches of travel giants such as Thomson and the newly-merged Thomas Cook and MyTravel.

Bob Atkinson, flights manager at, said: “It may not be the end of the high street travel agent, but we have certainly entered a completely new era in holiday booking. It’s so easy to research and book your holiday online and you can read all manner of reviews at the same time. Many people prefer this to being swayed by the personal opinion of a travel agent.”

Holiday hunters aged between 25 and 34 are the most likely to book online, with 68 per cent stating they use the internet. Only 16 per cent of this age group would consider phoning or going into a travel agent. In 1999, that figure stood at nearly 50 per cent.1

This growth in online booking has created, what terms, the pickage holiday – a holiday where you pick and book all the elements separately rather than going with a pre-arranged package. According to separate research,2 64 per cent of Britons prefer to use the web to research and book a holiday of their own making.

Bob Atkinson said: “The package holiday industry is now responding to the threat from pickage. Operators are moving towards making their product flexible, allowing customers to opt in or out of items such as transfers and meals.”

According to the survey, the top five reasons to pickage not package are:
1. Greater flexibility
2. You are more likely to get the holiday you want
3. It is more cost effective
4. Prefer to avoid very ‘touristy’ destinations
5. A greater choice of destinations.

Launched in 2003, has grown from simply comparing flight prices to offering comparisons on tens of thousands of hotels, flights, package holidays and car hire, travel insurance, airport parking deals, activities and excursions. Site expansions this year include a bed and breakfast function and a city break search option.

Eco Marketing Startups

Re-Usable Shopping Bag!!

In the light of the current eco mantra that supermarket carrier bags are bad for the environment . I thought that this product may give a little bit of cred to this new ethos…

Baggu Bag   

US based but nothing to stop it being a worldwide prodcut …..


Could not let this pass by…

Ever wonder what you’d look like in the wonderful world of Springfield? Wonder no more! Over at The Simpsons Movie site you can create your own Simpsons avatar with Mii-like precision.

Although this site is a bit better as you can upload your picture and get your very own Simpsonized Character

Fun Miscellaneous

Not Quite Die Hard – but how to hack an elevator!

A bit of Friday Fun!

A very simple, straight-forward way to get your elevator into express mode. Very handy when you’re late for an important meeting.

How to Hack an Elevator!

If you get stuck don’t blame me perhaps then you will then need the skills of John McClane 🙂

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WAYN takes a new line…

Social networking site has officially re-launched this week with a new business model to allow members to take full advantage of its communication tools free of charge.

Previously, WAYN worked on a subscription model, but flagging growth, tough competition from new arrivals in the social networking space, such as Facebook, and input from its investors, including the site’s chairman, founder Brent Hoberman, have led Wayn to rethink its strategy.

The latest Alexa figures show cause for optimism, its founders said this week.

The site now ranks 570 on Alexa, its strongest reach ever, Jerome Touze told Travolution.

“We still have a lot more to do clearly, but it’s a good starting point nonetheless,” he admitted.

Under the new model, all members can now view information on a host of subjects, including travel, and find other members, based on where they are. Members can also send unlimited messages in order to locate new or old friends.

WAYN will still work on a subscription-based model to the extent that it will charge members for added services, but the plan is to garner the bulk of the company’s revenues from advertising.

Touze added that the new model will “provide us with unrivalled advertising opportunities given our ability to provide relevant content to our members based on their whereabouts”.

WAYN currently counts 8.4 million members worldwide.

Business Marketing Media

Updating the Marketing Model…

Interesting article showing how in the last decade or so groundbreaking technology innovations and new channels and modes of consumer communications have fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with and respond to choice in the marketplace. Marketers may have a new toolset, but so do consumers. How does this affect the traditional marketing model? Should it? Is it even a meaningful model anymore?Marketing is an old industry.

For more on this and the need to change check out this link:-

Updating the Marketing Model…

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Everything Locally2U!

Here is a spoof ad that Friends of the Earth has posted on YouTube, which bemoans the closure of local shops because of people making one big weekly shop at Tesco, Asda, Morrsions, Sainsburys, Waitrose……..

The spoof illustrates why user-generated media should be left to the amateurs, because they do a much better job at it than a committee sitting round a table. The FoE spoofs sounds like an overly preachy, 1970s Public Service Announcement. They’ve got a sensible message, the aim is to try and convince shoppers — who are increasing short of time an money short — to shop locally using a bit more fun and humour instead of relying so much on guilt.

Here’s the Friends of the Earth – Benefits of Local Video

Thought this quote made a compelling point:-

“Part of the reason to buy local is to create a sustainable community where you live. Isn’t that compelling reason enough?”

Local Site Targeting
Local sites aren’t just about news and weather anymore. They’re as vibrant as the cities they represent.

And here is site that is trying to help a little :

Business Travel

Holidaymakers say breaks in Britain are to expensive!.

Instead, Britons find it cheaper to fly abroad.

Nearly 20% would like to reduce their carbon footprint by taking a break in Britain rather than going abroad but find that UK holidays are too expensive, a survey by insurance company More Than found.

All told, 49% of the 1,973 people polled reckoned holidaying in the UK was too pricey, with 20% believing resorts are not as friendly as those abroad.

A total of 45% were concerned about carbon emissions produced through flying abroad, but 22% of all those surveyed see no alternative to foreign travel unless UK costs come down.

Asked to consider UK locations, 38% said Cornwall was too expensive, while 28% believed Devon was too dear, too.

“Although we are all being encouraged to think green, our research reveals that the cost of holidays in this country is a huge barrier,” said More Than’s Mike Holliday-Williams.

“Holiday operators should be aware of this so that they can think of ways to entice Brits to holiday in the UK so that we can all work harder to reduce our impact on the environment.”

Responsible Travel do promote Green UK holidays so check them out here…

Eco Education Fun

Plant a Tree Online ! With Educationional Benefits

Without being patronising this site gives Pupils, Teachers and anybody who is interested in Green issues the chance to plant and grow a tree anywhere you want in the world and see what affects the environment and people have on its development!

Raise a Tree

Media Technology

Digital Convergence is on the Horizon…

I have said it for many years now that the future of the web lies with the integrated digital home…

Here are 2 steps to digital convergence…

Step 1. Get an LCD TV

How many people do you know who have just purchased and LCD TV (I know at least 5).

Step 2. Conennect it to your Computer & Internet Connection

XP Media Centre has been around now for a few years and with the launch of Vista and Apple’s new OS offering, it’s so easy to hook up a LCD TV to a PC (Mac) and then you can surf the net, use it as a Tivo (Sky+) replacement, Watch TV, Listen to the Radio even view your photos in fact do anything you want.

So the web becomes as mainstream as the analogue TV of old…

This article gives a bit of foundation to the above ramblings…